Data Management

We are dedicated to providing complete data and infrastructure management solutions for Nonprofits. All data solutions are Cloud based, friendly to mobile technology and integrating standard products for nonprofits.


Protecting information provided by your staff and program participants is important to us. We implement all appropriate security options in public and secured web pages.


Much web access to your websites and applications is through mobile devices today. Our web interfaces provide screens that operate on desktop and mobile devices.

Cloud Computing

Our solutions include web-based applications entirely hosted in the Cloud. We back up all your data, and provide secure access from anywhere on the planet.

Providing Complete IT Solutions for Nonprofits

An IT partner with a shared vision

Web-based Management Systems

Let's not re-invent solutions that already exist in the nonprofit world. Net-Q Networks seeks to fill the gaps between conventional products and the needs of your organization.

Integration with Salesforce, POS, Mail Management Systems

This is the time to down-size your on-site servers. You should not be burdened with system or disaster recovery, power needs, and site security when Cloud solutions provide all of these for minimal costs. Many services that previously required on-site computing are now available for free to 501(c)3 organizations. We can help you make the transition. All of our custom solutions are are built on cloud servers.


The data you store with us are only available to your organization. We never share databases. Your organization has access 24 hours a day. Meanwhile, we provide protection against intruders, spam, malicious attack and recovery from human error. We use the latest technologies available from Microsoft, Google, and Avast Anti-virus, but we add to this over 50 years of combined experience in securing the world of Information Technnology.